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My (Non-Exhaustive) Great Moms List 1

My (Non-Exhaustive) Great Moms List

Happy Mother’s Day to all the moms out there! This has been a rocky year for me with so many changes, uncertainties, and ups and downs, and I wouldn’t have gotten through it so comfortably without the help of my mom. Thanks, Mom! She prefers to take photos instead of being in them, so I improvised.

My (Non-Exhaustive) Great Moms List 2

Improvised photo of my Great Mom

That’s Stella in the window, by the way. She’s a half-coyote, half-Australian Cattle dog I took care of the first week of May. She’s super sweet and the most hilarious sleeper I know. I took approximately 40 pictures of her just sleeping on the couch.

My (Non-Exhaustive) Great Moms List 3
In addition to my mom, there are other Great Moms out there that I admire. This list is by no means exhaustive, but when I think about this last year in particular and leaving Norfolk (it will be one year since we left on May 14), these women are of special note.

First is Heath’s mom, who made it a point to teach her sons to cook and clean. When it comes to domestic skills, Heath is far and away the champion in our household, and I, unfortunately, am the weakest link. I am incredibly grateful Heath’s mom prioritized these skills in her children.

My (Non-Exhaustive) Great Moms List 4
Next is Annie’s human mom, who may be my greatest cheerleader for new endeavors and experiences. She is always enthusiastic about my choices, even though a lot of them mean we don’t get to spend that much time in person for the foreseeable future.

My (Non-Exhaustive) Great Moms List 5
There’s also Fergus’s human mom, who has a special place in my heart for giving me so many opportunities to take care of Fergus and even paying me to do it! She’s been rooting for me to find my place in this world and I am so grateful for her love and support.

My (Non-Exhaustive) Great Moms List 6

Photo by Sonja Zinke from the Norfolk Library 2nd Annual Pet Parade

Up next on my Great Moms list is Dottie, who will be turning 101 this year! A hug from Dottie can turn your whole day around. She is a bright and shiny beacon of light in this world, and I miss seeing her smiling face. She also hosts one heck of a tea party!

My (Non-Exhaustive) Great Moms List 7
My friend, Barbara, is also on my Great Mom’s list. Barbara and I would listen to music nearly every week I lived in Norfolk. It’s because of Barbara that I can identify Mendelssohn’s A Midsummer’s Night Dream within one second of hearing the first note.

My (Non-Exhaustive) Great Moms List 8
Cecily may not be of this world anymore, but she’ll always be on my Great Moms list. Cecily had a true zest for life, and we bonded every day over our love of Dodger. Cecily also loved going out and about with Heath on her arm, and I found her endearment towards Heath so charming.

My (Non-Exhaustive) Great Moms List 9
Speaking of Cecily and Dodger, I’m including Dodger’s new mom on my list of Great Moms because I can’t imagine a better home for him. Dodger turned 15 on April 19th, and he’s doing remarkably well for his age. He is loved, adored, and well-cared for, and that’s all anyone could ask for in a second dog mom.

My (Non-Exhaustive) Great Moms List 10
Last but not least on my Great Moms list is my 86-year-old best friend, Arlene, who lives in North Carolina. We recently celebrated nine years of friendship in February. I admire Arlene’s wit and wisdom. Her penmanship is practically perfect. She loves dogs, horses, and writing. It’s because of Arlene that I know and love Rilke and that I had the courage to find my own writing voice. Arlene once wrote an essay years ago about how “the truth will set you free.” I think about her essay often and how her writing has such a profound effect on my life. Although I don’t have a photo of Arlene readily accessible, I do have this photo of her penmanship to share. When Heath and I eloped, I carried photos of my loved ones in my pocket. I also didn’t have a photo of Arlene then, but I did have one of her letters.

My (Non-Exhaustive) Great Moms List 11

So that’s my (non-exhaustive) list of Great Moms. Although I am not a mom and much prefer to be the “fun Aunt Kelly” to children and animals, maybe that will change in the future. When I went to the Boulder Farmer’s Market yesterday, I took this picture and sent it to Heath:

My (Non-Exhaustive) Great Moms List 12

Have a great day, everyone!