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This 32-page, illustrated gift book is a celebration of dogs and one of the greatest internet languages ever invented — doggolingo! As a huge dog lover and as someone who has a professional interest in all things dog, I put together this A to Z guide of some of my favorite doggolingo words. It makes a perfect gift for any dog lover, but especially those who have recently adopted a dog.

Doggolingo is an internet language invented by dog lovers. The words are silly and playful, just like our beloved dogs, and the poetry definitions I wrote for each one are meant to be equally ridiculous. Most of the words have been featured on the internet for years. Jiffles and Kipper I invented for the purposes of the book. Xeebles is one of the nicknames my friend Jeff called his dog (and thank goodness he did because X was a tough one).

You can order the book through Barnes & Noble, or If I can ever figure out how to make the book available on Amazon, I’ll update this page. If you do buy a copy, please leave me a review on the Barnes and Noble website and Goodreads. Thanks for your support!

From AROOS to ZOOMIES this book will delight

those who love DOGGOS from morning to night.

You’ll learn some new words and see some GOOD pups.

This book is for all — for kids and grownups!