That's a Wrap.... 1

That’s a Wrap….

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We left Norfolk yesterday afternoon with no expectation for when we’ll return. Our 3-month housesit morphed into 6.5 years, and now it’s finally over. There have been lots of tears (me, not Heath) and lots of goodbyes.

I look forward to our future. We’re on our way to a housesit in Colorado by way of Harrisburg, PA, and Nashville, TN. The emotions of wrapping up our life in Norfolk are too raw right now for me to write about in full right now, so this blog post is all I can manage.

Most of these photos are from our going away “party” at the Berkshire Country Store on Saturday. I apprecaite eveyrone who showed up (and brought their dogs!), as well as those who offered well wishes if they couldn’t attend.

That's a Wrap.... 2


That's a Wrap.... 3 That's a Wrap.... 4 That's a Wrap.... 5 That's a Wrap.... 6

Fergus and his humans did come to the party, but I was too busy holding him to take any proper pictures. This photo is from our actual goodbye at Fergus’s house on Sunday morning. Of the goodbyes I had to make, this is one of the hardest. It’s tied with saying goodbye to Annie and her human.

That's a Wrap.... 7

That's a Wrap.... 8

I have nothing but gratitude and love for the people and dogs of Norfolk who stole my heart during these last 6.5 years. You have changed me forever. Thank you!

4 thoughts on “That’s a Wrap….

  1. Denise

    Godspeed Kelly. I’m sorry you are uprooting but the sheer joy of you, will be spread further because of it. I love you and wish you well. We are now in Northeastern Tennessee. . We’d love to host you and Heath.

  2. dotrain4u

    That is definitely bittersweet! You have really been joyful there and made such good connections. Life has a way of pushing us on towards new doors, new opportunities, and new challenges. I wish you the best of luck in all of those. Much love, Cousin Julie

  3. dotrain4u

    This move is surely bittersweet. You have been joyful and made many wonderful connections there. I understand how you’ll miss it. Life has a way of pushing us forward, whether we like it or not, toward new doors, new opportunities, and new challenges. I wish you the best of luck in all of those. Sending positive energy your way as you create new experiences in new places. If you are able to swing through Salisbury, NC….both Troy and Shannon are here and we’d all love to see you!


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