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Dog standing on a rock

Last week, I attended a New England Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators writer’s retreat at Whispering Pines in West Greenwich, Rhode Island. In addition to making new friends, chatting with and learning from industry professionals, and eating New Orleans French Toast for the first time in my life (YUM!), I found out about something VERY IMPORTANT:


How did I NOT know that every Tuesday social media encourages us to post pictures of animals with their tongues sticking out?

Special shout-out to my new friend, Kathy Halsey, a children’s book writer, school librarian, and dog mom to one Wiley Corgi, who first told me about #TongueOutTuesday.

Since I’ve been missing out for who knows how long, I am pleased to present you The Kelly Kandra Hughes #TongueOutTuesday Catch-Up Compilation. This is not an exhaustive list. If it were, we’d be here all night.


#TongueOutTuesday 1

Cody, Naperville, IL

#TongueOutTuesday 2

Phyllos and Rafiki, Joliet, IL

#TongueOutTuesday 3

Lilu and Rafiki, Joliet, IL

#TongueOutTuesday 4

Lukas, Jackson Hole, WY

#TongueOutTuesday 5

Stella, St. Albert, Alberta

#TongueOutTuesday 6

Sam, Murfreesboro, TN

#TongueOutTuesday 7

Horse at the PA Farm Show

#TongueOutTuesday 8

Annie and Dodger, Norfolk, CT

#TongueOutTuesday 9

Chance Long Nose, Norfolk, CT

#TongueOutTuesday 10

Moon, Norfolk, CT

#TongueOutTuesday 11

Tobey, Norfolk, CT

#TongueOutTuesday 12

Smudge, Norfolk, CT

#TongueOutTuesday 13

Faith, Norfolk, CT

#TongueOutTuesday 14

Bruno, picture courtesy of my husband Heath, Kalispell, MT

#TongueOutTuesday 15


PS – Are there any other animal-related social media hashtags I should know about? Let me know in the comments or you can email me at genesispotentia(Replace this parenthesis with the @ sign)gmail.com.

One thought on “#TongueOutTuesday

  1. authorlaurablog

    How cool that you were at the SCBWI retreat! I’m heading to one in June in New Hampshire and this weekend have a one day local conference. Always inspiring.
    I love all of these dog pictures!


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