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Dogs and Cats in Bunny Ears 1

Dogs and Cats in Bunny Ears

This year, I’m celebrating Easter with dogs and cats in bunny ears.

Dogs and Cats in Bunny Ears 2

These photos bring me joy, and I like to think that the time I spend creating them is one way I demonstrate my love and affection for the animals involved and their associated people.

Dogs and Cats in Bunny Ears 3

Now that it’s almost April, I only have a few more days with Basil and Irving. This month with them has gone by way too quickly. I’m no longer convinced they’re cats. After careful consideration, I believe they’re wizards and that they’ve cast a love spell on me.

Dogs and Cats in Bunny Ears 4

The level of ardor and devotion I have for these two is unprecedented because they’re, well, not dogs. I’m as surprised as anyone!

Dogs and Cats in Bunny Ears 5

I did put in an offer to be added to the list of people called if there’s ever a catastrophe and their humans need to find them a new home. I’ve been fantasizing about packing them up and taking them with me, so I’m pleased my offer was accepted. Maybe someday we’ll be together again; of course, I don’t actually hope for this outcome to happen. But it’s nice to know that I can now count wizards in my extended family.

Dogs and Cats in Bunny Ears 6

Happy Easter to all who celebrate! For those who don’t, Happy Sunday!

Dogs and Cats in Bunny Ears 7

Meet Irving and Basil! 8

Meet Irving and Basil!

One of the reasons I’m so fond of my little buddy Fergus is that he’s an excellent napping companion. When I’m napping, he’s napping. Because I enjoy naps so much, this relationship works out well.

Napping on the couch with Fergus.

Imagine my delight that the two cats I’ve been taking care of since the end of February are also champion nappers. Everyone meet Irving and Basil!

Meet Irving and Basil! 9

Irving and Basil are ragdoll cats. One of their more adorable behaviors is refusing to drink from anything except a watering can.

Meet Irving and Basil! 10

It’s been a joy to take care of and nap with them. Since I’m still recovering from last week’s daylight savings time change, I’m taking the easy way out with this blog post by filling it with more pictures of these adorable kitties.

Meet Irving and Basil! 11 Meet Irving and Basil! 12 Meet Irving and Basil! 13 Meet Irving and Basil! 14

The kitties live in North Boulder, which, to my amazement, is even more beautiful than South Boulder. These photos were taken on Saturday morning, after a two-foot snowfall on Thursday.

Meet Irving and Basil! 15 Meet Irving and Basil! 16

I hope my body and brain will have adjusted to daylight savings by the time I post again. In the meantime, here’s another Irving photo to make you smile.

Meet Irving and Basil! 17