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Outside of town

There is a place

With pine and oak

A quiet space

I visit there

At morning light

Or sneak outside

In dark of night

Every day

Come rain or shine

I am the trees’

And they are mine

Then one morning

Without a thought

I did not go

To my favorite spot

For someone sent

A card to me

With hearts and stars

And bumblebees

You are so sweet

Her card did read

Will you bee mine?

And I agreed!

I stayed at home

And worked quite hard

To make my own

Valentine’s card

It wasn’t until

My school bus came

I thought of trees

And felt some shame

But here I was

About to be

A Valentine

For Anna Lee!

I got to school

Bursting with pride

Her lovely card

Right by my side

But in her arms

I saw them there

A dozen cards

For her to share

Will you bee mine?

They read the same

And on each card

A different name

Oh my! Oh no!

My heart did freeze

And then I thought

Of all my trees

I took my card

Turned right around

And ran so fast

Outside of town

I know I’m late

My oak and pine

But please, oh please

Will you be mine?